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What is Thermography?

If you are alive and breathing, you are an infrared being...emitting infrared energy 24 hours day, every day of your life! As your body functions change, so do your infrared patterns. Thermography is the science that observes, studies and analyzes these infrared changes to give you (and us) valuable and possibly unknown information about your health.


Why use Thermography?

Since we are infrared beings, why would we not want to observe that very important part of ourselves? Because Thermography "sees" your body functioning and changing in "real time" it can be used for early detection and disease prevention.

For instance, hot patterns mean "inflammation", which makes perfect sense. It is so important to "see" inflammation because it is a very active cause of cancer, heart and cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and much more!

How can Park Hill Thermography Preventive Physical Imaging help you?

Inflammation is really a normal healing response, so when we see inflammation we know the body is trying to heal that particular part of the body. Knowing that, we can focus on important healing factors like diet, detoxification, hormone balancing and stress reduction to reduce inflammation. We can then observe you "thermographically" to assure you that the changes you are making are working.

At Park Hill Thermography Imaging, you can have your thermography imaging appointment scheduled within 24 business hours. You can be confident that Thermography is safe, painless and affordable.

See - Treat - Prevent.

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