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About Us

Charlezetta Roberson Physician Assistant

Charlie is a name that most people call her today. It was coined to her when she moved to Las Vegas almost twenty years ago from Denver, Colorado. In fact, the name of the practice "Park Hill" is the name of the neighborhood that she resided in since she was four years of age. Since living in Las Vegas, she has participated and conducted many community health fairs, believing that this type of community outreach allows one to rule out pertinent health conditions early on. Now, at Park Hill Family Practice she continues to lead in treating and educating her patients on a individual need basis. She also believes in giving back to the medical community by mentoring and supervising medical students on their clinical rotations.

Charlie believes in a holistic approach to medical care, integrating nutrition and exercise. Individualized care incorporates family genetics, personal habits, surrounding environments, and a person's well being to homeostasis. This is achieved by a complete supporting staff, educating the patients and practicing good medicine.

Supervising Physician: Dr. Darryl Fortson

Denese A. Williams MSN-ed, APRN, AGNP-C

Denese Williams is a nationally certified nurse practitioner with adult-geriatric specialty. She obtained her diploma in general nursing at University  Hospital of the West Indies school of Nursing, Jamaica. Her Bachelor of Nursing degree and Masters of Science in Nursing education was completed at Kaplan University. She later obtained her Master of Science as Nurse Practioner with a concentration in Adult-Gerontology at Duke University, North Carolina where she is pursuing her doctoral  degree in nursing practice. She holds a national certification with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She has extensive nursing experience including Critical Care educator, Unit manager and practiced as a certified midwife in Jamaica before migrating to United States. She holds membership in the American Nurses Association, Nevada Nurses Association, American Association of Nurse Practioners and National League of Nursing.

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