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Caduces Medical Symbol PARK HILL
Family Medical Practice in Las Vegas
Charlezetta (Charlie) Roberson, PA-C
3211 West Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

PHONE:  (702) 871-3730
FAX:  (702) 871-7379

***  If you are experiencing a Medical emergency, call 911 immediately!  ***

About Park Hill Family Practice

Welcome to Park Hill Family Practice.

Park Hill Family Practice (PHFP) opened in December 2007 by Charlezetta Roberson PA-C. It was originally a very successful medical practice belonging to the late Dr. Peter Mattimoe for more than 25 years.
Dr. Mattimoe was a hero to his patient population adding up superior expertise and charm. His legendary way of providing care for his patients has carried into the philosophy of Park Hill Family Practice, today. In loving memory to the late Dr. Mattimoe the practice continues today.

Park Hill Family Practice is truly a family orientated office that strives to achieve each patient's special request. We exceed the individual need of our patients with compassion, expertise, and special care. We provide an atmosphere of comfort from the moment the patient arrives. Patients receive quality care which includes their personal care plan. They are thoroughly educated on their current conditions and can attend public educational classes provided in house. Our daily goal is to exceed any old ordinary standard of care!

Patients are cared for by Physician Assistant Charlezetta Roberson. She obtained her Physician Assistant Degree from the University of Washington School Of Medicine; MedexNW PA Program and a Bachelors degree in Clinical Medicine at the University of Seattle Washington concurrently. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Colorado. She obtained her Medical Legal Review Certificate from the University of Colorado Pueblo Campus. She was an EMT in Las Vegas and attended Chapman College of Colorado for Sports Medicine in Denver.

Charlie is a name that most people call her today. It was coined to her when she moved to Las Vegas almost twenty years ago from Denver, Colorado. In fact, the name of the practice "Park Hill" is the name of the neighborhood that she resided in since she was four years of age. Since living in Las Vegas, she has participated and conducted many community health fairs, believing that this type of community outreach allows one to rule out pertinent health conditions early on. Now, at Park Hill Family Practice she continues to lead in treating and educating her patients on a individual need basis. She also believes in giving back to the medical community by mentoring and supervising medical students on their clinical rotations.

Charlie believes in a holistic approach to medical care, integrating nutrition and exercise. Individualized care incorporates family genetics, personal habits, surrounding environments, and a person's well being to homeostasis. This is achieved by a complete supporting staff, educating the patients and practicing good medicine.

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